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Fuvkin — Gnosis
Release date : Sept. 12, 2002
Label : FMG
  1. Intro
  2. Priest
  3. Henry The King
  4. Wake Up
  5. Pissed
  6. Fetal Face Girl
  7. Ballad Of Tail Pipe Toni
  8. Pecan Eatin' Purple Pony
  9. Shark and Biscuits
  10. Trying To Learn Bass
  11. Ramblings of Prince Willliam
  12. M.U.F.U
  13. The Natives Cry For Rain
  14. O.C.D.
  15. HaHa
  16. Fuck You (You Bitch)
  17. Fuck It All
  18. Fibanocci
  19. Let Me
  20. Requiem
  21. Outro



Gnosis was crafted in the quandaries state of contemptuous disarray. It represents an utterly lucid bestowal of knowledge into the tragic tale that is life. A life filled with love and loss, heartache and pain. Envisioned a fortnight after the acquisition of Fuvkin’s virgin guitar, this album is a painfully lucid glimpse into the musically embryonic-like mind of amateur Fuvkin